Step Into the Arena
By Gregory L. Grondel, Personal Coaching

Many times entrepreneurs and investors will experience the "naysayers"; those who sit effortlessly on the sidelines telling us it can't be done or it won't work. These naysayers are sometimes family members, co-workers or friends, sometimes professional people such as attorneys, loan officers or accountants. Regardless of the form of the outward expressions, the unspoken, even subconscious message is often the same, "Please don't achieve, because if you do I will be compelled to get up and achieve just to keep up.". Naysayers are a primary reason why otherwise knowledgeable and competent people fail as entrepreneurs or investors.

Virtually without exception, successful people have a positive expectation of success. Ninety-five percent of the world's wealth is controlled by five percent of the world's population. Those five percent are the ones who put the naysayers behind them, step into the arena with positive expectation and achieve great success in spite of the opinions of the misinformed.

Do you have what it takes to step into the arena?
While an understanding of correct wealth-building principles is vital, your work ethic will determine your rate of success. You must set realistic goals, create a plan to achieve those goals and then be persistent enough to work your plan until your goals are achieved.

Wealth-building requires focus; you must be patient enough to make things happen in your own time, working toward your goals each and every day. Remember, it's a numbers game we play to find the right opportunities. Some have characterized the search as kissing a lot of frogs before finally finding a prince. Each opportunity evaluated brings us another step closer to the transactions that will produce our desired return. The key and the great secret is to be patient with yourself and the process, persistent in the pursuit of information and your goals, and positive in your expectation of eventual success.

The challenge remains today as always; step into the arena and claim the credit. Armed with persistence, patience & positive expectation, your success and accompanying credit is inevitable.